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Real Audio Clips, you'll need to download a RA player.

clips from
"easy come, easy go"
BOX SET/2000

I Was 17
All Done Wrong
Elijah The Prophet
Next Time Around
Goodbyes Are Sad
Everyone But Me (Demo Version)
Wherever You Go (First Space Song)
Shedding The Mortal Coil
Prepare To Detour
I Drive A Lot (Live)
Traffic Jam (Live)
Play The 'C' Chord (Live)

clips from
"everybody makes mistakes"

Play The C Chord
No New Kinda Story
20 Dollar Bills
No More Shows
Just Try
My Name
A Dethroned King
Going Places
The Party

clips from
"the fashion focus"

I Drive a Lot
We're the Ordinary
Fell in Love at 22
A Holiday Song (Happy Holidays)
All the Time
The Birthrite
Card Games And Old Friends
Shut Your Mouth
The Fashion Focus
Too Much Fun
Days Of Lamech

clips from

The Voyager
The Hearttaker
All You Want are the Things I Need
You Think You're Radical
The Translator
You Don't Miss Me
The Boulevard
Help Me When You're Gone
Everyone But Me

clips from

Blue Collar Love (Live)

clips from
"le vainqueur"

When No One Calls - (it will be alright)
The Starflyer 2000 reprise
Le Vainqueur

clips from
s/t (gold)

A Housewife Love Song
Dual Overhead Cam
When You Feel Miserable
You're Mean
Stop Wasting Your Whole Life / Messed Up and Down
Messed Up Over You
Somewhere When Your Heart Glowed the Hope
Do You Ever Feel That Way
One Shot Jaunita

clips from
"she's the queen"

She's the Queen
She Was My Sweetheart
Blue Collar Love (Joy Electric Dub Mix)
Monterey (Lounge Version)
Canary Row
The Drop
Droned (In Love Version)

clips from
s/t (silver)

Blue Collar Love
Hazel Would
The Zenith
2nd Space Song
Happy Days are Here Again
She Only Knows
The Dungeon

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