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Added 02-16-01
Starflyer's longest full length recording is ready to go and set for release on Tooth and Nail for sometime in June, hopefully. It's titled "Leave Here a Stranger".

Starflyer will also have a new cover song on an upcoming Keith Green tribute album.. keep an eye out.

Starflyer is finally becoming more internet accessable? Yep: official page run by Jeff Cloud shows a lot of promise! the band's official email

Added 12-10-00
Starflyer's new box set, "Easy Come Easy Go", was released on Dec. 5th! If you can't find it where you are, go to Tooth and Nail or Velvet Blue Music. It has 2 cds, disc 1 is the best of Starflyer, 3 songs from each full length cd, and disc 2 is a b-sides, rarities, and live cd. It also comes with a 40 page booklet with "The Story of Starflyer 59" written by J. Edward Keyes. It's packed with cool photos too, old and new! Here's a track listing:

disc1(best of)
1) blue collar love
2) monterey
3) hazelwould
4) a housewife love song
5) duel overhead cam
6) you're mean
7) the voyager
8) the hearttaker
9) harmony
10) i drive a lot
11) we're the ordinary
12) fell in love at 22
13) play the "c" chord
14) no new kinda story
15) 20 dollar bills

disc2(rarities, b-sides, live)
1) i was 17 (originally intended for "americana")
2) all done wrong (originally intended for "everybody makes mistakes")
3) elijah the prophet (from "the fashion focus" bonus 7inch)
4) when no one calls (from "le vainqueur" EP)
5) next time around (from "goodbyes are sad" 7inch)
6) goodbyes are sad (from "goodbyes are sad" 7inch)
7) she was my sweetheart (from "she's the queen" EP)
8) everyone but me (demo version)
9) where ever you go [first space song] (originally intended for "gold")
10) shedding the mortal coil (from "when world's collide: a tribute to daniel amos")
11) samson (from "fell in love at 22" EP)
12) prepare to detour (from "everybody makes mistakes" bonus 7inch)
13) i drive a lot (live)
14) traffic jam (live)
15) play the "c" chord (live)
16) help me when you're gone (live)
17) card games and old friends (live)
18) shut your mouth (live)
19) no new kinda story (live)
20) when you feel the mess (live)

Added 03-02-00
A lot of exiting news about the band to go over! Many of you were aware that "Everybody Makes Mistakes" was Starflyer's final release for Tooth and Nail records on their existing recording contract. The latest news from the label says that Starflyer has recently signed with the nail for another multiple album extention! Starflyer has been on Tooth and Nail's band roster longer than any other current band. Now for some even more exiting news... later this year, Starflyer will be releasing a 3CD box set to include a b-sides disc, a live disc, and a greatest hits disc!! along with a 40 page booklet! The box set's title will be "Easy Come, Easy Go". Cool, eh? Also, if you've been watching, you might have seen Starflyer's new music video for No New Kinda Story. It's incredible.. a must see. Some cool bells and whistles will be added to this page, along with more extensive information about Starflyer's past releases.. common or rare.

Added 11-23-99
Forgot something... Starflyer plays "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" on BEC Recordings' Happy Christmas Vol. 2.

Added 11-22-99
"Everybody Makes Mistakes", the new 9 song release from Starflyer has been in stores for about a week. Starflyer never ceases to top themselves somehow.. check it out. For now it is only available on CD, but Velvet Blue Music, Burnt Toast Vinyl, and Tooth and Nail Records plan to have a 12" vinyl version out hopefully sometime before Christmas. It's going to include another bonus 7" with 2 new songs, one of them being the sequel to "Traffic Jam". They are just finishing up a small west coast tour right now, I was at the show in Portland and I might have gotten a couple good photos of Jason Martin so keep an eye out for those on here.

Added 08-25-99
the following was posted by jeff cloud on the velvet blue music discussion board:


It is in the fashion focus vein. We had a lot more time in the studio, so the production values are a lot more technical, while the songs are a lot more stripped down. I haven't heard a lot of the final mixes yet. I do think it does contain one of the finest SF songs to date though. The album is titled "everybody makes mistakes" and its release date is Nov. 19th Jason from the Promise Ring is doing the artwork, which I think looks really good.

I think some of J. Martins lyrics on the new songs are really honest and at times cutting, where as in the past he sometimes just spat them out. I really like it so far - I hope everyone else will as well.


Added 07-27-99
Starflyer has plans to do a second music video featuring the song, "Traffic Jam"! ..yes, the 14 minute one. :) 'Tis to be produced by Brandon Ebel.

Starflyer has been in the studio recording for their upcoming release.. due out this fall.

Added 04-04-99
The new EP has been out for over a month now.. it's definitely worth all of the 6 or 7 dollars that it costs! Traffic Jam, the instrumental, is now my favorite starflyer song of all time. Click here to read a review I wrote about the EP. Also, if you don't already know, the Burnt Toast release of The Fashion Focus on vinyl is a little late. It was just sent to the presses this week and for those of you who sent in pre-orders like I did.. you should get it within 4 to 6 weeks. Long wait. If you haven't ordered your's yet, don't wait!! They're limited to 500 copies and a 7" with two unreleased songs comes with it!! The only starflyer release which was limited to 500 before was The Drop 7" and everyone knows how hard it is to find one of those now. Even I don't have one. Go to for ordering info.

Added 02-16-99
Be on the lookout for the Fell In Love At 22 EP which will be released on February 23! Check out the cover on the discography page.

Added 01-29-99
Starflyer fans! It looks like we will finally be able to scratch a little something off of that SF59 wish list of ours! Sometime this February, Burnt Toast Vinyl will be releasing a limited edition (only 500 copies) 12" vinyl copy of "The Fashion Focus" along with a bonus 7" vinyl containing previously unreleased material. Also in February, SF59's new "Fell In Love at 22" EP will be released. It will have 5 songs, 4 of them previously unreleased! Here are the songs:
* Fell In Love at 22
* We Want It Bad
* EP Nights
* Traffic Jam
* Samson
All of the songs except "Samson" were recorded especially for the EP in September. Joey Esquibel plays drums on the EP instead of Wayne. You probably saw him drumming for SF59 in their October tour. A LOT to look forward to!

Added 10-14-98
The Fashion Focus is in stores now! Go get it! Its awesome! After that the fun isn't over yet though. SF59 already has plans to release a six song EP called "Fell In Love At 22" with that song and 5 new unreleased songs!

Added 6-4-98
Jason Martin and Wayne Everett have recorded some vocals, guitars, and drums for Steve Hindalong's upcoming debut solo release called "Skinny" on Cadence Records. It will be released on June 9th. Some more names you might have heard performing on this album are Matt Slocum, Terry Taylor, Andy Pickett, Mike Knott, Christine Glass, Marc Byrd, and of course Gene Eugene. It looks like everyone wanted to get a piece of this cd! Definitely something worth looking forward to.

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