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Lyrics to "The Fashion Focus"

1. I Drive A Lot
2. We're the Ordinary
3. Sundown
4. Fell In Love At 22
5. A Holiday Song (Happy Holidays)
6. All the Time
7. The Birthrite
8. Card Games and Old Friends
9. Shut Your Mouth
10. The Fashion Focus
11. Too Much Fun
12. Days of Lamech

I Drive A Lot
and if you need it a lot, I'm talking just to waste my day, I drive a lot and think of things I'd be with time to kill and just had lots of money and when I am all worked up, I think of friends of mine now 35 and if you need it a lot, I'm talking just to hear myself, I drive a lot
We're the Ordinary
we're ordinary people close but not the worst, but I think you know were all the lonely people alone but not at first? But I think you know the older living people who've been through even worse, just like other people... sometimes we don't have a life
your bet is lost, you're fading slow, sundown the dark has laid you low, a rite to save your own, the blackest fiend will take you on sundown your slipping heart, a gray shadow, sundown the dark has laid you low
Fell In Love At 22
fell in love at 22 with a girl that's close to you, find a job and find a life no more long days, longer nights with your girl and family too playing card games in the room this is our life our old times now that John is 42 with a family like you, with a job that led him down don't you know I led him round?
A Holiday Song (Happy Holidays)
you know what day it is? the day we fell in love, long and sad good-byes, so sad you couldn't stay, you don't have to go, spend the holiday. you know what time it is? it's time to fall in love, sad, so sad to see you go, stay a long, long time
All the Time
we don't make the world go round, we don't know much about life and little things, we don't make it happen all the time. love a world that's not our own, pretty soon we'll go home and find some real love that will make us happy all the time
The Birthrite
some might, some might sell out on the birthrite, never shy, and never shot a bird right but you're taking on the worst shine with hairiness you never had... some might sell out on the wrong side in the corner of his eye, "Well he never shot a bird right", ya, ya, ya
Card Games and Old Friends
say goodbye, it's no life, we never realized where we've been, sad ends, we never realized card games and old friends and always no sad ends, card games and old friends you mess it up. no suprise, different lives, express the world on time, sad ends to the bad ends we never realized
Shut Your Mouth
after all you really stink it up and the lies that you tell, I really think that you know, left your girl and you left your family too, for things that you're never sure about, know that there's one thing I'll get through, you got it all worked out I wish you'd shut your mouth... after all you really like just to never tell, we really think that you'd burn in hell, I really think that you know
The Fashion Focus
so what, so I think you know and you were the first to go, to lonely towns with one way streets met the one's I'd love to meet by driving cars, deliveries, you're the one who played the keys, it's odd, how you always notice when the world gets you down
Too Much Fun
big girls like telling boys that shove, "fact is, it's nothing more than too much fun and they'll fade out." big boys like dead end girls that always shove the fact is, it's nothing more than too much fun
Days of Lamech
these could be days like Lamech, Methuselah, boys after girls and the girls after the boys so excited but you wrote it down. one in the farms or in the hills or a wedding day so excited, but you wrote it down

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