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Lyrics to "Fell In Love at 22"

1. Fell In Love At 22
2. We Want It Bad
3. E.P. Nights
4. Traffic Jam
5. Samson
Fell In Love At 22
fell in love at 22 with a girl that's close to you, find a job and find a life no more long days, longer nights with your girl and family too playing card games in the room this is our life our old times now that John is 42 with a family like you, with a job that led him down don't you know I led him round?
We Want It Bad
I can't relax while laying down, it's alright they'll come right back, you can't compress with the always used, please give me something new, we want it bad, and could we please come home ya, we want it bad
E.P. Nights
we go back and forth, just looking for a life line nothing more than hours, just waiting for a phone call, these are the nights, when nothing is gonna break me more, Jesus please come soon, this afternoon, all we want is our own to be here for a lifetime but you can't expect the whole world
Traffic Jam
I know we can work it out, spend some time to talk about it I know it will all work out if you say so please don't rush about, if you know that I'm down and out, I know it will all work out if you say so

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