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Starflyer 59 is a Christian noise pop alternative band that has a sound of their own. You really can't put them in any category with other bands, but I'd say fans of Radiohead and The Verve could really get into their new album. Their earlier releases are a little different than their newer material. They've been putting out incredible music since 1993. Jason Martin, vocals and guitars, is the only original member still in the band. Basically he's the main guy behind in Starflyer 59. He aslo plays in Bon Voyage with his wife, Julie, who sings. Jeff Cloud, bass guitar, operates Velvet Blue Music which the limited edition "Plugged" was released on. He and Jason plays in another band called Pony Express who is on Velvet Blue. Wayne Everett, drums, also plays in The Lassie Foundation and was one of the members of The Prayer Chain. A couple of other people you may have heard about are Gene Eugene who played all over the new album and produced it too! Also Joey Esquibel who has drummed for SF59 in most of their recent shows. He also plays in Bon Voyage and played in Jupiter James.

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